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Why MainSource Solutions?

Plan: We work face to face with you to develop the perfect steel
shelving Solution for any area you need including warehouses, offices,
laboratories and many others.

Install: we provide you with a professional installation that is
done correctly and performed efficiently every time. 

Done: you now have upgraded your storage capabilities without
having to break a sweat and will continue to have support to improve



Why Adjustable Steel Shelving?

Modular: The benefits of our steel shelving being modular is that
many parts and accessories can be added, swapped, and/or replaced if
your business or needs change. This allows you to stick with one system
that can be improved and updated to maximize your efficiency for years
to come.


Adjustable: There is never going to be a one-size-fits-all for
shelving storage systems. You need a storage system that can be
configured exactly how you want to get the most out of your valuable
space. With shelves that can be adjusted vertically, drawers that can be
added and replaced in seconds and dividers that can be spaced to your
liking, you can accomplish that.  




Durable: The durability of our steel shelving is unmatched. We
provide you clean and fully adjustable unit(s) with capacities ranging
from 550-1100lbs per shelf as well as drawers that are safely capable
of holding 400lbs while being fully extended. You get the best of both
flexibility and strength.



Protected: Should the unlikely event of a component failing
occur, know that you are covered. Components such as the sliding
mechanism on the drawers  covered by a lifetime warranty.